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(Video) "Recycled Wood Reborn in Toymaker's Workshop HD"

What is Noli Noli?

        Take the name of the resort village "Noli" and add another "Noli" to it and you get a popular Japanese expression for something you are very happy with. “Noli Noli”



Noli Noli pieces are proudly created in the USA of sustainable, regional or up-cycled wood. The modesty of the design coupled with our focus on using fine, local materials and loving craftsmanship make our items high quality and unique.


Message from Noli Noli

We hope Noli Noli remains in your family for years to come! But if ever your Noli Noli toy should need a repair, please send it to us and we will fix it for just the cost of the shipping.


Noli Noli handmade LLC
5-26 46th Ave. 3rd floor, LIC, NY 11101